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About us

Hello, my name is Tara and I like flowers-
wedding bouquet before preserving and pressing pressed flower artist
I like growing them, looking at them, smelling them and squashing them and making pretty pieces of art out of them.
I've been pressing flowers for a good five years now but they took over my life completely two years ago- You could say a great portion of my life is now one big game of "he love's me, He love's me not" while I deconstruct flowers one petal at a time. 
What made me start pressing flowers? Well- I grew up as a gypsy child travelling the east coast of Australia with my parents,- while bear foot rock hopping along creek beds and bush walking I would pick flowers and press them in my Mum's flower press. My Dad studied Horticulture and my Mum studied Permaculture and Environmental Science (as well as running a Wildlife rescue centre) So they both engrained in me a love of Nature whether it be plants, animals or geological formations.
Five years ago I fondly looked back on these memories and made my own press and made myself a pressed flower phone case, then my friends wanted to get their hands on their own and Old leaf designs was born.
I've since evolved my craft to focus on making larger pieces of art in the form of frames- This feels much more creative and fun!
Wedding bouquet preservation has been the most exciting part of this business so far- Everyone's flowers vary so much allowing me to create unique pieces for everyone (I hate doing the same thing over and over) so this is perfect for me.
I now have a little team of flower pressers that spend their days caring for your delicate, sentimental blooms with me ♥️ 
What do I do when I am not pressing flowers?
I eat copious amounts of Jalapeño's, watch gardening Australia, Hang out with my CUTE AF dog Pearly, and if I get the chance to have a weekend off I will do my best to get to a festival to dance until my feet feel like they are going to fall off (It's all about balance)
The whole flower pressing process brings me so much joy and teaches me patience.
From growing and picking the fresh blooms or receiving your Wedding bouquet, to appreciating the beauty then slowly deconstructing the flowers and pressing, creating a timeless art piece for you to enjoy while making flower friends along the way.
 "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished" Lao Tzu
Thank you for joining me on this slow and beautifully fun journey.
Tara xx
  1. owner of business pressing flowers, preserving wedding bouquets
I live and create on Bundjalung Country, in Northern NSW, Australia. I acknowledge the Arakwal People of the Bundjalung Nation, the traditional owners of this land. I pay my respects to Elders past and present and honour those whose culture and customs have nurtured and continue to nurture this land.