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How do I see your availability for wedding bouquet preservation?

We don't have an online booking system as wedding dates and flower delivery times don't always match up- we place bookings depending on the date the flowers will get to us taking into consideration if the flowers will be delivered or posted - When enquiring please add the exact date and location of the wedding.

Will the ribbon around the bouquet be sent back to me?

It is best that you remove the ribbon/string/pins/pendants around the bouquet if they have sentimental value to you- we don't use these in my pieces and they may be discarded.

Can I drop my wedding bouquet to you?

If your wedding is located around Tweed Heads you sure can (we even recommend arranging someone from your bridal party or someone passing by Tweed heads on the way back from the wedding) to drop them off to us, this may be helpful for those getting married on the Gold Coast or around Byron Bay. The studio is in Bilambil Heights in Tweed Heads

We ask that you send through a confirmation of a drop off time and do not arrive unannounced as this is also my home address.


Can I post my flowers to you?

We accept flowers posted via express post, We send you postage instructions- We will need the tracking number sent to us after your flowers have been shipped

How soon do you need the flowers?

As soon as possible- within 3 days is best. We can work with flowers up to a week old but the longer they are left the more flowers will disintegrate, begin to mould and have less chance of colour retention.

Flowers need to be posted on the next business day (in the AM) after your wedding VIA express post. We will send you detailed instructions on how to post your bouquet to keep it safe and secure.

Do I need to book in advance?

Ideally a few months in advance, as we press the flowers as soon as they arrive for best results. Our books are fill up quickly and we don't want to have to say no to anyone that has left it too late. Each Bouquet takes a few hours to press so we  can't over book dates.

Will you press all of my flowers?

We will only press the flowers we need for your order size - Some flowers will be deconstructed so that they can be flattened. Some can not be flattened.

Some flowers may not be in a workable condition so I then focus on the flowers that are workable- I try my best to incorporate as much of the bouquet into a piece as possible.

How many layout design ideas will you send me before the final piece is made?

I start with one layout that I believe is best suited to the size of your frame and the colour and shapes of the flowers and foliage in your bouquet, If you aren't happy with that design I will work on a different design layout once you have clearly stated what you don't like about the first one and we will communicate a different option. If there are more than three design changes an extra cost will be added at $40 per design.

Most other flower preservation artists will not give you an option of designs, but I want you to be happy with your piece (with respect for my time and efforts)

What size frame do you recommend? 

The a2- through and through. The size of the frame allows for a more intricate design, will hold more of your flowers and allows for more artistic space.

Do you do smaller frames than the a3 for wedding bouquets?

The a3 is as small as I will make for wedding bouquet preservation as I believe any smaller than that size isn't worth your efforts and money as you can only fit a couple of flowers in an a4 frame- I do however give the option of adding an extra smaller frame (eg a4 and a5) on if you wanted multiple frames.

Will the flowers hold their colour when pressed or preserved?

Some flowers hold their colour better than others, it is to be expected that a change in hue will happen as a natural part of the drying process. Over time flowers will gradually fade but the rate of discolouration can not be predicted. I do not use any form of colour correcting with the flowers as I believe the natural process is beautiful as is, as nature intended. Your flowers won't disintegrate and will still be in tact for many years to come.

How long is the turnaround time for my custom order? 

Between 6 and 11months depending on if it is peak wedding season or not, I will contact you when your frame is ready to be designed - There's only one of us designing and making frames and a lot of time and detail is added to everyones final art works 

Times are an estimate only and are subject to change.

Do you use any products on the flowers to stop them going mouldy?

All flowers are dried to the point that there is no moisture left in them, this process alone takes 2-4 weeks. The frames we use are sealed so no moisture can get in to the frame. 

Do you colour correct the flowers?

We do not, we love the natural process and aesthetic of natural flower pressing.

Where should I hang my pressed flower frame?

We recommend hanging your frame out of direct sunlight to help maximise colour retention and shouldn't be hung in the bathroom in the off chance the humidity from the shower seeps into the frame.

 How do I clean my frame?

With a micro-fibre cloth, be gentle to avoid scratches.


Returns Policy

Each piece is handcrafted slowly, is unique, and imperfectly perfect, like nature itself. We do not offer returns for change of mind.


Please see our returns policy for more details  https://oldleafdesigns.com/policies/refund-policy



I am not responsible for Bouquets lost in transit on their way to me. 

Shipping of flowers to me is at customers expense.

I am not responsible for packages sent to the wrong address, ensure correct shipping details are provided.

Custom orders will be sent once completed and photographed and pick up or courier is booked- I will communicate this time frame with you.

Terms and conditions of service:

By booking with Old leaf designs you agree to our terms and conditions of service and agree that you have read these carefully.

We value transparency and want your expectations to be realistic due to the form of art we are creating.

I pour my heart and soul into every piece and do not create on amazon timelines.