Taking limited bookings for 2024

Design Line up

We've created this queue so you can all keep track of where your orders are at, we will email you with any important details but so we can spend our time focussing on all of your flowers we thought this page could be helpful ❤️ 

Things that can slow down the flow of getting pieces out include last minute memorial bookings, the boss lady actually taking a day off, and weather affecting our ability to pour resin (resin doesn't suit humid, rainy days).

If you've only just dropped your flowers too us your name may not be added instantly.



Remy C- Paid - Frames sent home - Working on resin pieces

Breen C- Designs completed - Working on resin pieces 

Hannah G- Frame sent home - Working on resin pieces 

Imasha - New frame - Design approved - Awaiting frame addition in post 💕 

Hailinn- Frame completed - Resin pieces in the queue.

Kate WNew frame- Redesign sent for approval 

Aime Y- Frame completed - Next step boxing up 💕 

Amanda W- Frame completed - Next step boxing up 💕 

Kelly H - Plexiglass frame - Design approved 

Madi B- New Frame - Frame completed - Awaiting photography 

Aly A- New frames - Frame #1 Frame completed- Awaiting Photography

                                 Frame #2 Cleaning and framing in process 

Carly B- New Frame - Design small changes in progress 

Christabel W-  New Frame- Design sent for approval 

Mady/ Gina - Acrylic frame- Design approved

Amelia T- New Frame- Design in progress

Sylvia T- Awaiting design

Jordan L- Awaiting design

Amy G- Awaiting design 

Niahm C- Awaiting design

The Rumings ❤️ - Awaiting design

Ruby G- Organising order

Rossanna A- Awaiting Design

Katie H- Awaiting design

Danica H- Awaiting design

Stevie W- Organising order

Michaela T- Awaiting design

Laura H- Awaiting design

Holly S- Organising order

Kayla VDH- Organising order

Emily J #1- Awaiting design

Stacey P- Awaiting design

Bianca "B"- Organising order

Bella C- Awaiting design

Tammil T- Organising order

Jess/ Caitlin- Organising order

Jessie C- Organising Order

Jacqueline F- Awaiting design

Ollysah R-  Awaiting design

Renee T-  Awaiting design

Connie K-  Organising order

Rebekah K- Organising order

Hollie S- Organising order

Melanie S- Organising order

Madeline M- Organising order

Emily B- Organising order

Ruby P- Awaiting design

Brie L- Awaiting design

Abbi E- Organising order

Tahalia G- Organising order

Megan L- Organising order

Saachi K- Organising order

Rebecca G- Organising order

Penny C- Organising order

Cammy F- Organising order

Georgia B- Awaiting design

Emily J #2- Organising order

Tianne C- Organising order

Tahlija P- Organising order 

Ashley M: Organising order 

Grace W: Organising order 

Steph F: Flowers ready 

Sarah S: Flowers ready

Catie S: Flowers ready

Alanah S: Flowers ready

Jess T: Flowers ready

Karrissa H: Flowers ready

Jordan and Chelsea: Flowers ready 

Charmane R: Flowers ready

Maria K: Flowers ready

Jodie G: Flowers ready

Josephine H: Flowers ready

Mish D: Flowers ready

Tanya M: Flowers ready

Maddison D: Flowers ready

Alana C: Organising order 

Chloe R: Flowers ready

Holly G: Flowers ready

Victoria S: Flowers ready

Tiffany N: Flowers ready

Jessica T-R: Flowers ready

Rachel R: Flowers ready

Mikaela D: Flowers ready

Ange V: Flowers ready

Katie B: Flowers ready

Nhi H: Flowers ready

Angela E: Flowers ready

Lydia & Kenny: Flowers ready

Kelly M: Awaiting design 

Amanda M: Flowers ready

Ines K: Flowers ready

Sally R: Flowers ready

Michelle S: Flowers ready

Emily W: Flowers ready

Adelle H: Flowers ready

Laura F: Flowers ready

Joy C: Flowers ready

Lauren R: Flowers ready

Ellen A: Flowers ready

Katie S: Flowers ready 

Jasmine S:  Flowers ready

Nicola K: Flowers ready

Caitlin E: Flowers ready

Sereena Z: Flowers ready

Shelby R-V: Flowers ready

Bonnie M: Flowers ready

Kiaraha P: Flowers ready

Nicole P: Flowers ready

Abbie H: Flowers ready

Nellie girllll: Flowers ready

Sarah C-N: Flowers ready

Jasmine H: Flowers ready

Kate H: Flowers ready

Georgia S: Flowers ready

Chloe A: Organising order 

Angela O: Flowers ready

Bianca S: Flowers ready

Jordan G: Flowers ready

Grace I: Flowers ready

Jasmine F: Flowers ready

Angela D: Flowers ready

Lily S-R: Flowers ready

Deb C: Flowers in press// Organising recreation bouquet 

Sarah (Organised by Caitie): Flowers ready

Chelsea D: Flowers ready

Kaitlyn H: Organising order 

Carly/ Nicole P: In the flower press

Lucy H: In the flower press 

Emma C: In the flower press

Sarah V- In the flower press

Jess D- In the flower press 

Juanita T: In the flower press

Phoebe V -R: In the flower press 

Spargo/ Dixon memorial flowers: In the flower press 

Alana G: In the flower press

Katherine D: In the flower press

Jade W: In the flower press

Kate J: In the flower press